Our Journey Begins

Welcome to the beginning! This summer of 2019 we embark on a month-long adventure – one we’ve crafted with several goals in mind. We hope you’ll join us and help along the way.

So, where are we going? Our itinerary takes us from our current home in Colorado all the way to Maine and back again. You’ll see on our map that we have so, so, so many stops planned along the way, including a return trip that takes use through Canada to the north side of Niagara Falls.

Our workhorse transport is Kyrie, our white Jeep Grand Cherokee, named for the undying spirit of the Valkyrie. This journey constitutes a test-run in anticipation of having her tow a travel trailer next year when we head out on the open road full time. Except this time, instead of bringing our home with us, we’ll be staying in rustic lodges and charming B&Bs. Also, think of this trip as a tiny warm-up for us to see how well we do sequestered in a vehicle together for hours on end!

This 5,000-mile road trip has a few related purposes:

  1. Get outta Dodge! This month we start a work-free sabbatical with a 3-year-plus time frame. Hitting the road for all of July is a potent exclamation point to start that off.
  2. Get this blog launched, with a brief test run in anticipation of our much longer RV trip to come.
  3. Scout New England for potential forever-home sites. Plenty of our early research has shown good potential in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Now we’ll put boots (and bikes) on the ground to check out specific locales.
  4. ‘Murica!


    1. You can click the entire route on the online map. This time, we’re staying north—even as far north as Canada!

  1. Have a safe journey! Will be quietly following your blog and silently cheering you on while secretly smouldering with jealousy.

    1. Thanks for that, and no need to be quiet. We’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions along the way!

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