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Our 10th Anniversary: Reflecting On Love and Liberty

Our 10th Anniversary: Reflecting On Love and Liberty

Glenn & RachelJul 4, 2023

When we say we would die for something, we also mean we would live for it too. On Liberty Just…

Postcard from Seattle, Washington

Postcard from Seattle, Washington

Glenn & RachelJul 14, 2021

As we finished our tour of the Pacific Northwest, we were delighted to be able to spend a day in…

The Mysteries of Mount Rainier

The Mysteries of Mount Rainier

GlennJul 2, 2021

For three years, I saw Mount Rainier in the distance. It hovered permanent in the east, sometimes the haze or…

The Eagles of Fort Flagler, Washington

The Eagles of Fort Flagler, Washington

Glenn & RachelJun 24, 2021

Located on northeastern edge of the Olympic Peninsula in along Puget Sound, Fort Flagler beach is rimmed with escarpments topped…

Olympic National Park – Marymere Waterfall

Olympic National Park – Marymere Waterfall

Glenn & RachelJun 23, 2021

On our last day in the expanses of Olympic National Park we hiked up the sodden trails at Marymere Falls.…

We’ve hit the road, with no place to return to.

As committed nomads, we’re traveling light ― bringing just ourselves and our sense of adventure.

There’s a whole continent to see and we’d love for you to join us as we explore it. This isn’t a journey to or from any one place; it’s an experience in discovering how much we can live in the moment, at the moment ― in discovering home, wherever we are.

We hope you’ll come along for the ride.

We were spinning our wheels.

Like nearly everyone you know, over our lifetimes we begrudgingly followed the rules (mostly) and dutifully kept up with the Joneses.

We toiled away for The Man, innovated for jobs and community, stumbled our way through raising our children, rented and then owned our homes, celebrated our successes and tried to learn from our failures. We told ourselves that we knew who we were and that we were blazing our own trail.

Yet the tempo and trappings of our lives spoke differently.

There was nowhere to go …

So, in 2015 we hatched a plan to escape ― to finally break free from what we were “supposed” to do and discover what we were “meant” to do.

It was a daunting task. We had a house full of stuff. We had jobs. We had commitments and anchors securing us to a place and a role we’d been playing for decades. Bit by bit we snipped away at the physical ties and the unspoken tethers of social expectation. We determined to deviate from that plan and to chart a course straight into the unknown.

Rachel quit her hard-won and lucrative corporate career. Glenn dialed down his successful writing and consulting business. We sold our beautiful home nestled in the rolling hills of Colorado’s front range. We launched our children to college and beyond.

We downsized and we simplified.

… but everywhere.

Now, with our trusty Jeep towing our modest travel trailer, we will endeavor to explore this continent and ourselves ― giving up our sense of security and giving in to our sense of wanderlust.

We chose to keep our route and our plans as fluid as possible. We will take things slow as we rely on the seasons to guide our latitude, following the temperatures most conducive to our flavor of adventure. We do expect to have to schedule an advance date or two so we can visit a few popular destinations or attend events. Aside from that, however, we are looking forward to letting go of planning everything and seeing where this journey takes us, literally and figuratively.

We are committed to spend at least two years out here, but who knows? It could be much, much longer. This site is a chronicle of our experience and and an open letter to our family and friends.

Won’t you join us?