Olympic National Park – Marymere Waterfall

On our last day in the expanses of Olympic National Park we hiked up the sodden trails at Marymere Falls. We ascended through old-growth cedar and fir to find a notch in the cliff where Falls Creek drops 90 feet in a picturesque tumble on its way to the wildflowers along Lake Crescent’s shores.

Hiking to and around the many Olympic waterfalls has been a highlight of our Pacific Northwest travels.

We’ve found that waterfalls are among the most photogenic and immersive spots we visit. The cascading roar, chilling spray, and spectacular views are a misty, multisensory combination that insists to our whole body: you are here. We love the inescapable, in-the-moment experience.

And apparently the birds do too. Proud trills from an unassuming wren filled the mossy amphitheater of our walk. And at the bottom, where Barnes Creek routes the falls water to the nearby lake, mama merganser duck lead her young, fuzzy followers over rushing shallows.

The hike itself was not long, but the Olympic memories will be.

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