Utah PLOG #2 – Biking Jacob’s Chair

Between Moab and Capitol Reef National Park we’ve enjoyed so much this lovely state has to offer, yet we’ve barely scratched the surface. While so very dry and dusty (one local said it hadn’t rained her for seven months!) this land’s austere beauty would be diminished without those harsh limitations.

We’re sharing a few photo-logs (PLOGS?) of what we saw and did in some pretty cool places here in Utah lately. Here’s the second installment.

Just out the door from our first true boondocking camp, and down the road our new friends of Exploring 509 braved with their beefy off-road RV, we decided to try biking this rugged off-road trail to get a closer look at the massive monolith we’d admired from afar.

Like our ascent at Marshall Pass, there was a lot of up, but we made it to the base of the that monolithic barcalounger. We brought hiking gear with us in case we wanted to try summiting the lower portion, but to be honest, we were just too worn out from the 1200 foot elevation gain on those primitive, loose rock-strewn ATV roads that we decided instead to admire it from afar before beginning our cliff-hugging, bone-rattling downhill thrill ride back to camp.

This quick video shows the smoothest portion of road we had that day – plus the amazing vistas!

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