Like an elemental Franz Mesmer, the ocean exudes a magnetic fluidum. Its power and effect command my absolute attention as it wields formidable hypnotic powers.

Waves lap and beat and crash upon the coast like the pulse of an eternal being, Mother of Life on this earth.

Quieting, insisting, demanding. They coalesce into a tireless spiritual chant.

A primal call to prayer for her progeny.

“Come home. Come to my shores to venerate me, to honor life. Here, you will forget all that does not matter and remember all that does.”

The call is subtle but irresistible to any who perceive it.

For me, it strikes a chord, resonating in a deep, hidden realm of my psyche.

Thus compelled, I answer the call.

Drawn toward and into the edges of her ageless shores, I am plunged into an immersive, meditative experience. Her timeless sounds, sights, and smells flood my brain, recalling primordial memories of experiences I have never known.

Awed, and glimpsing its own unimportance in the face of her raw force and commanding scale, my petty monkey brain surrenders all conceits.

I am transfixed.

Layer after layer of ideas, observations, and worries wash away – succumbing to her rhythmic and ancient inevitability.

I am cleansed of the psychic stains of modern living. The aggravating whines of its hounding troubles are drowned by her majesty.

Yielding to that potency, even conscious thought is pulled inexorably out to sea.

Scrubbed raw from this ablution, I find my Trueself floating to the surface of my awareness.

I am able to see that childlike kernel of me that exists free of contention, competition, and ambition. I embrace it.

I feel wonder.




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