Alpaca with straw

Postcard from Alpacas at Lone Ranch

Recently we stayed at a working alpaca ranch in southern Oregon!

The owners, Renate and Richard Gyuro, graciously hosted us at Alpacas at Lone Ranch for two nights. We spent one day there exploring the charms and perils of nearby Ashland and the other on the ranch, among three dozen impossibly adorable alpacas. It was one week until shearing, so these cuties still sported their winter coats.

Alpacas are usually stand-offish, but Kimaree was especially sociable, allowing us to scritch and pet her. She was a living blanket, luxurious and warm, placid and patient.

The inseparable Vel and Cro

Pictures can’t capture all of the cuteness of these walking stuffed animals, but it’s a start:

Bonus cuteness overload video!


  1. The yarn you sent me is aweseome.
    i’ve had to put it in an undisclosed location, since our wayward wench of a kitten finds it attractive, too!

    1. The hosts took so much time to explain to use about how upon shearing there are different grades of fiber, for yarn and roving and such. And I had no idea, but they have to clean the fiber by hand, for hours, picking out dirt and hay and such before sending it off to the mill.

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