Postcard from Grayland Beach, Washington

Our first stay in Washington was at Grayland Beach State Park, on the Pacific Ocean, a quintessential Pacific Northwest beach experience. For three days there we walked the beach collecting seashells and sand dollars, and marveled at the glorious intersection of water, land, and clouds.

Infinite horizon.

Sand underfoot was hot at the dunes near our campsite, then cold at the far seashore half a mile of blown sand away.

Wood from fallen trees that made their way to the ocean are pushed back inland by the ocean. They litter the dunes, looking like the bleached bones of giants lost in a desert.

Strolling alone through fog banks in bright sunshine, it was hard to tell where the ocean ended and the shore or sky began, with horizons vanishing into hazy mists and sapphire reflections. And while we had to bundle against the stiff ocean breeze, skittering platoons of industrious shorebirds minded not at all.

Misty horizons obscure where land and sky meet.

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