Olympic National Park – Hoh Rainforest

There’s this thing about rainforests.

It rains there. Like, a lot. Like, all the time.

Which is the attraction to the place and why it has a biome so lush and diverse it merits being one of America’s National Parks.

Our day trip into the Hoh Rainforest inside Olympic National Park took us to the Hall of Mosses and the River Trail. There, draped in flattering rain ponchos, we slipped and slogged through muddy trails to see as much green moss and clear blue river as our eyes could take.

Also, we weren’t able to catch it on camera, but on the way out we saw a mother bear with two cubs ten meters up a tree. A ranger soon arrived to block incoming hikers temporarily, granting this ursine family safe space for their descent and departure. The rangers must do often often as this stretch of the trail crosses her known territory.

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