Joy times two

Day 11: Joy Times Two

It can be so simple. A hot Vermont day and cold swirled cones.

Joy times two.

Far and Near

At Hogback Mountain you can see 100 miles, they say. Views sweep beyond Vermont to peaks in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

Or you can turn your attention to what’s in your hand right now. Two creamy, sweet, soft-serve callbacks to younger days.

The Artist House

Driving between last weeks’ lodging in Killington and this weekend’s in Brattleboro, we stopped at Hogback for a walkabout, and to consider the houses we had just seen along the way, including one on 15 acres in the Green Mountain National Forest: designed by an artist, nestled among mature birches, and overlooking its own tranquil pond.

Among other reasons, we’re on this trip to see if the places like this are as enchanting in person as they are when we scout them virtually from 2000 miles away.

They are.


But those are designs for tomorrow. For today we had ice cream. 

Joy times two.

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